Leonard J. Dominguez
LEONARD J. DOMINGUEZ, , Adjunct Faculty at National Louis University and President of Educare Associates, Inc., MLI Program Advisor

Len Dominguez is certified by the Illinois State Board of Education as a Clinical Analyst of Educational Leadership and School Climate. In his 30-year career he has served as Chief of Policy, Chicago Public Schools, Deputy Major for Education, Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago, and even as an elementary and high school principal.

Impassioned by education, Len has sought to improve curriculums, develop educational policies, and prepare teachers through mentorship, effective teaching strategies and techniques. As the Chief Officer, Pilsen Community Cluster, Len ran the pilot program designed to develop and establish a community school district among the twelve schools in Pilsen and all other stakeholders in the community in order to improve educational outcomes for Pilsen youth. After one year, the achievement scores of the schools in Pilsen were significantly greater than other district schools, and the citywide CPS schools.

As the President of Educare Associates, Len provides consulting services to schools, universities and corporations in the areas of outreach to schools, bilingual education, curriculum management, staff development and strategic planning. Len has also served as advisor to Mayor Richard M. Daley on education policy and legislative issues.

Mr. Dominguez has received numerous awards and recognitions, Mexican American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois, Inc., Excellence in Education Award; Civic Education Award from Sociedad Civica Mexicana de Illinois, Inc.; The Whitman Corporation, Whitman Award for Excellence in Educational Management; Phi Delta Kappa - Chicago Chapter, Educator of the Year, to name few.

We are excited to have Len serve as our new MLI Advisor.