MLI Chicago New Leaders New Vision
Dear Friend and Supporter,

After launching UNO's Metropolitan Leadership Institute (MLI) in 2001, Chicagoland has reaped the benefits of a new brand of Latino leadership. Throughout these pages you will find individuals who represent the great leadership potential of individuals who are actively committed to change.

UNO has always created new avenues of public leadership; engaging Latinos toward civic action. More than ever, we also have a responsibility to train new leaders - to develop them to be more than just angry activists, satisfied with rhetorician symbolism. Our job is to help new leaders generate results rather than frustration; to keep them from becoming disillusioned by the public decision-making process, or worse, disengaged from it altogether.

The MLI provides its participants with a greater appreciation for the ambiguities and nuances of the public arena and the challenges of public life. It is this public perception that UNO and the MLI are driven to change. In fact, we challenge ourselves to create new avenues of public leadership and to engage even more potential leaders toward civic action.

The themes that are central to the MLI - promoting civic action, inspiring new leaders, and provoking sound public dialogue - are not new to UNO. They are part of our history and our legacy as a community organization.

With each graduating new class of MLI, the true character of Chicagoland's Latino community will become more apparent. In fact, each year the MLI reaffirms what we already know: that our communities are reservoirs of untapped talent.

As you read through the following pages of UNO's newest MLI Directory, keep in mind that this impressive group represents only a small sample of the potential of Metropolitan Chicago's Latino community.

Thank you!